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May 28, 2012

During my hunt for a way to make my new favorite Logitech mouse work like my Microsoft Mouse did, I found this post!

A Clockwork Noodle

I recently purchased a Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000, because I was so keen on the Intellimouse tools it comes with. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered that this particular Microsoft mouse is not compatible with Intellimouse, because (according to this article) the bluetooth transceiver is not necessarily from Microsoft blah blah.

Bummer! Well, after searching far and wide I’ve finally put together the right combination of freeware tools that will give me the magnifier I miss so dearly.

X-Mouse Button Control
Magical Glass

Both utilities can be set to start with windows and they live in the system tray. X-Mouse Button Control allows you to set the 4th button to whatever you want, including specific key presses. In my case I set it to [{CTRL} {ALT} q] which is the Magical Glass shortcut to turn the magnifier on and off.

Under Magical Glass settings (right click the system…

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RoboHelp 9 arrives!

January 13, 2011

Hi folks

Without much fanfare, Adobe released a new version of RoboHelp this week! Yep, on 1/11/11 they introduced RoboHelp version 9. And to me it seems surreal, because I recall version 9 being released back in July of 2000! All joking aside, this means the 17th version of RoboHelp!

Congratulations to Adobe and the RoboHelp development team. It’s really nice to see that they are seriously committed to one of  my all time favorite products.

Over on my GooberGuides site I have just released the RoboHelp HTML 9 training guide.  Click here for the site. So if you are new to RoboHelp, this guide provides a nice intro. Hopefully within the day or some time tomorrow, I’ll be offering some other guides that I’ve prepared. One is tightly focused on bringing you up to speed with only the new features that were added. And there are a couple more in the works.

So happy RoboHelping! Rick 🙂



TechSmith SnagIt is my…

December 6, 2010

Single application that I simply CANNOT live without!

Version 9 left me non-plussed when I installed it. But Version 10 actually changed my mind! TechSmith simply ROCKS!

You can win prizes by visiting their site at the link below:

Click here to visit and enter.


Birthing a baby…

August 5, 2010

While I certainly wouldn’t want to claim that it’s remotely close to being the same thing, it has been a long and arduous task to bring a new eBook creation into being.

Like all good endeavors, it took vastly more time and effort than I figured it would! I guess it’s a good thing that we tend to forget things such as this. Because if we always remembered, we wouldn’t consider taking the plunge again!

Anyhoo, if anyone out there is reading this blog and they are looking for a way to come up to speed with Adobe Captivate 5, check out the following link. And thanks for reading!

Click here to view

Rick 🙂

New Google Group starting

October 26, 2009

Hi all

Yeah, it’s been a while. Sorry for no post. But I have something good for you!

Adobe is good about purchasing other companies. That’s how I became affiliated with them. One such company they purchased was named Serious Magic. (Personally, I think it’s misspelled and should have been called Serious Magick, but that’s the topic for another post.)

Serious Magic produced some way cool tools in the video arena. One of the tools is known as Visual Communicator. (VC)

Click here to visit the Adobe Visual Communicator page.

This tool does some neat stuff. You can create your own videos in a “newscast” style. Amazing effects are possible right out of the box. Based on the forums for Visual Communicator, you might think there aren’t many folks using it. I’m hopeful the activity there isn’t indicative of the user base.

One of the proponents of VC is a gentleman named Rob Zdrojewski. (Call him Rob Z if you like.) This guy does some cool stuff with VC. He even has some training videos on using VC. Haven’t ponied up yet, but I am planning to.

Anyhoo, if you are into VC, you will be interested in joining his new Google Group to learn more about it!

Until next time… Rick 🙂