Being pushed in a new direction

Whomever may be reading this, hello!

Life is interesting and often you get pushed into directions you never anticipated. I’ve recently experienced this first hand so thought I’d share. It also somewhat explains where I’ve been lately.

Like many folks, I attend church on a regular basis. Unlike many folks, the church I attend isn’t your normal run of the mill. But enough about that. I don’t believe in Prosthelytizing. I only said what I did to provide some context for what comes next.

We moved into a new building at the first of the year. Upon moving, I was asked if I would like to participate by operating the PowerPoint slide show. And therein lies a world of wonders I’ve recently encountered.

I’d always noticed the slide shows as they were presented. For a brief period I had also pondered whether I might volunteer to assist. But there were some pretty strong personalities involved so I shied away from it. However, situations change and this one did. So I said yes to the opportunity. Little did I know what I was in for!

Being interested in Adobe Captivate, I was aware of PowerPoint, but really, aside from the classroom import had never really had a reason to use it in earnest. Well I have a reason now!

PowerPoint 2010 is an amazing tool. But I’d be lying if I said that the duties were only PowerPoint. See, our church also incorporates live video. Both the PowerPoint and the live video are projected to a wall on either side of the stage. Additionally, the same signal is also transmitted to a flat panel HDMI TV in the lobby area. So the job entails many different details. I have to switch between PowerPoint and live video at appropriate moments. I also have to ensure I am presenting the proper slide at the right time. And if that weren’t enough, I also have been tasked with controlling lighting, as the switches are right next to where the media PC is placed. So at specific points in the service, I must dim the lighting accordingly.

So now I’m deep into PowerPoint. Also using a product called Screen Monkey and am finding that more time than I anticipated is being spent on volunteer work.

Cheers for now… Rick 🙂


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