Reflow Revisited

Earlier I blogged about my confusion with the ePub hubub and all the hoopla surrounding reflow.

I was admittedly totally confused by this as HTML content is primarily what I work with. And it reflows based on the page.

Well, as life would have it, lately I’ve been experimenting more with ePub and other eBook types such as Kindle. See, my wife received a Kindle as a Christmas gift. I’ve been playing a bit with it and I now am beginning to see the light on why reflow is an issue!

One of her requests was to copy a PDF book she has been reading over to the Kindle. Fortunately, it’s as simple as connecting the Kindle to the USB port of the PC and copying files across to the proper locations. Her reaction to the PDF on Kindle was ICK! And after looking it over I finally see what the issue is.

The PDF is simply presented much like a static image! Sure, the Kindle allows her to zoom in to try and read the text, but it also obscures other text as you zoom in and the text doesn’t reflow. AT ALL

So I’m guessing that because most folks are comparing against the tried and true PDF format, reflow actually IS a big deal after all!

Until next time… Rick 🙂


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