RoboHelp 9 arrives!

Hi folks

Without much fanfare, Adobe released a new version of RoboHelp this week! Yep, on 1/11/11 they introduced RoboHelp version 9. And to me it seems surreal, because I recall version 9 being released back in July of 2000! All joking aside, this means the 17th version of RoboHelp!

Congratulations to Adobe and the RoboHelp development team. It’s really nice to see that they are seriously committed to one of  my all time favorite products.

Over on my GooberGuides site I have just released the RoboHelp HTML 9 training guide.  Click here for the site. So if you are new to RoboHelp, this guide provides a nice intro. Hopefully within the day or some time tomorrow, I’ll be offering some other guides that I’ve prepared. One is tightly focused on bringing you up to speed with only the new features that were added. And there are a couple more in the works.

So happy RoboHelping! Rick 🙂




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