Dual Monitor Magick

Hi folks

Long time no post! Well, business has been super slow and I’ve been super busy! Lately I’ve been using Camtasia Studio to create some training videos. During the process, I was tasked with using a second monitor. I like the setup overall but when you are recording the primary monitor, certain issues emerge that one doesn’t normally encounter or really even think about in day to day use.

For example, I know that when I’m using Captivate I have options to hide the Captivate icons on the Taskbar and in the System Tray (or Notification area if you are a Windows Vista or 7 user). This is great as there is no evidence you are using Captivate to record. But I’m not using Captivate. I’m using Camtasia!

Camtasia works with two parts. There is the Camtasia Recorder that you use to record the screen, then there’s Camtasia Studio, where you make the edits. When you run Camtasia Recorder, you may configure it so that it minimizes itself to the System Tray. You may also configure the System Tray area to hide the recorder. So far so good. But I wanted to display Windows Notepad on the second monitor to display my script. All seems well and good so far, right?

The problem I encountered with this approach was that I wanted no evidence I was running Notepad. See, all running applications are placed on the Taskbar. A bit of Googling landed me on the following page:


This site offers a totally FREE utility that adds a Taskbar to your second monitor! You may ask why that’s helpful. Well, the Taskbar on the second monitor contains the applications you placed there! This means they are removed from the Taskbar on the primary monitor and allows you to have a squeaky clean environment for recording.

How cool is that?

Until next time… Rick 🙂


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