New Google Group starting

Hi all

Yeah, it’s been a while. Sorry for no post. But I have something good for you!

Adobe is good about purchasing other companies. That’s how I became affiliated with them. One such company they purchased was named Serious Magic. (Personally, I think it’s misspelled and should have been called Serious Magick, but that’s the topic for another post.)

Serious Magic produced some way cool tools in the video arena. One of the tools is known as Visual Communicator. (VC)

Click here to visit the Adobe Visual Communicator page.

This tool does some neat stuff. You can create your own videos in a “newscast” style. Amazing effects are possible right out of the box. Based on the forums for Visual Communicator, you might think there aren’t many folks using it. I’m hopeful the activity there isn’t indicative of the user base.

One of the proponents of VC is a gentleman named Rob Zdrojewski. (Call him Rob Z if you like.) This guy does some cool stuff with VC. He even has some training videos on using VC. Haven’t ponied up yet, but I am planning to.

Anyhoo, if you are into VC, you will be interested in joining his new Google Group to learn more about it!

Until next time… Rick 🙂

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