Okay, I’m in a weird mood. There’s nothing unusual about that, though.

Here where I live they sell some supposedly intelligent food choices in the grocery stores. But I have to seriously question this one!


Looks like this one was a slow learner to me! The “smart” one’s are still walking around and clucking, aren’t they?

Man I hate to eat the remedial students!


One Response to “Double-takes”

  1. Colum McAndrew Says:

    LOL Rick. That reminds me of the guy driving down the freeway in his Porsche when he is overtaken by a three legged chicken. He is so surprised that he tries to catch it up. It does and overtakes it doing 110mph. Thinking that’s it, he is overtaken again. So incensed he catches the chicken a second time and overtakes it doing 130mph. His joy was shortlived though as the chicken overtook him a third time before signalled to leave the freeway. The guy thought he must follow the chicken and discover where it came from. He followed the chicken down narrow country roads until it pulled into a farm yard. The guy came to a sudden halt as he entered the farm to meet the old farmer staggering across the yard with his stick. “Have you seen a three legged chicken?” he asks. “Yes” says the farmer. “I breed them.” “What?” says the driver. “Why?”. “Well, you see I like a leg, my wife likes a leg and our son likes a leg.” “So what does it taste like?” asks the driver to which the farmer responds, “I don’t know. I’ve never caught one!”


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