Just Show Me already!

Well here we are a few weeks later and the shiny new Adobe support forums seem to be hummng along quite nicely!

I’m really enjoying (and exploiting) the ability to insert images into forum posts. I know some were wringing their hands about this and didn’t see it as a good thing. But IMNSHO, it is quite good and infinitely helpful.

Unfortunately, as with anything, there is one big ole hickey with the process.

The hickey? The forum users! msnembarassed

For some reason most of them seem to be missing the fact the image may be inserted inline with the text of the post. Instead, many seem to be using the ability to Attach files.

The problem with this approach is that it causes a couple of issues.

  1. Any file attachments are immediately placed into a queued status until apparently a forum moderator reviews and approves it. Until that happens, none of the forum helpers can actually SEE the image.
  2. The answer may be delayed or entirely overlooked while we wait for the attachment to finally become available.
  3. We have to locate and click the attachment to view it.

The better approach is to use the little Camera icon just above where you type the thread content.


Using this approach will make the image immediately visible right there inside the thread.

Hopefully this will provide a teensy bit of insight into how some of us forum helpers operate.


One Response to “Just Show Me already!”

  1. The new Adobe Support Forums « The RoboColum(n) Says:

    […] The ability to add images to posts even if the two methods of doing so confuse some. “A picture paints a thousand words” and in forums being able to physically see the problem from the user’s perspective helps us all get to the nub of the problem. It is just a shame that there is some confusion about the bes method of providing an image. See the RoboWizard’s slant on this here. […]

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