Recently I was in Seattle, WA where I assisted Adobe by staffing the vendor booth. These events are always a good time. I get to meet many of you and showcase the amazing new products that Adobe is offering.

One really super cool aspect of this situation is that I get to spend time with some of the fine Adobe folks. This year was no exception. RJ Jacquez was present and demonstrated some wonderful new collaboraton features with the Technical Communication Suite. I also had the pleasure of meeting Dhiren Jani, the new Product Manager for RoboHelp.

I have no recollection of exactly HOW the subject came up, but at one point we began discussing the RoboHelp Start Page. At least that’s what I call it.


I believe everyone I know refers to this as either the RoboHelp Start page or the “RoboHelp Starter”. And that makes total sense. Primarily because in the RoboHelp HTML application, the tab is labeled “Starter”.

Apparently inside Adobe they don’t refer to this page by the same name. The developers refer to it as the “DWS”.

Several things came flooding into my twisted little brain when I heard the term DWS.

Here are just a few:

  • Dancing With Stars
  • Dating While Single
  • Driven White Snow

Now maybe I’m just twisted, but the true meaning of what the Adobe folks call it never came to my mind!

The meaning? Dynamic Welcome Screen.

I believe that all Adobe products are adopting this approach. What remains a mystery is whether all other develpment areas refer to it the same way.

Am I alone in wondering why Adobe would be surprised that I called it what it is labeled?

Hoping your weekend is well…


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