Exorcising the Easter Demons

(AKA – The Dust Bunny Cometh… )

So here I sit merrily mousing away, working on this and that and suddenly my mouse seems to have become possessed! Doesn’t want to respond with crisp movements. Cursor causing me to curse as it seems to jump all around the screen.

What could it be? Have I fallen prey to a virus attack? My software seems updated. I know I secured my wireless router. Perhaps the battery is becoming weak. But that one normally presents itself in the middle of working on something critical with a nice message from Microsoft advising me: The mouse battery is critically low. Don’t recall seeing that message recently. Hmmm, what a conundrum!

Sometimes I find that I need to remove the USB transceiver from one of the ports on the back of the laptop to one of the ports on the side, very near the mouse. Nope, that trick failed as well. Time to use my favorite F word. FrapDoodle!

So I flip the mouse over and inspect the hole where the light shoots out. Seems okay. I blow into it. Hmmm Further inspection reveals some lint has become accumulated there! After removing the lint the mouse is back in fine working order.

Well, I’m glad I Exorcised my Easter Demons. It’s a good thing too. They were getting kinda flabby!


One Response to “Exorcising the Easter Demons”

  1. Kerry Wilson Says:

    This brought a smile to my face on an otherwise dreary return to work after a long Easter weekend.


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