Shiny and New

Ahhh Springtime…

Trees budding with fresh green leaves, grass growing and greening up, rain. Ohh the rain. And what’s this? Snow? (To me, Snow is a four letter “S” word)

Yes, it was snowing here in the wonderful Midwest yesterday. Ugh!

Today began something new with Adobe. Adobe has some shiny and new forums up and running. As with anything new and really untested in live use, we are likely to see some hickeys here and there. But isn’t that really the fun bit? Sorting them out and figuring the workarounds? Kind of like a cute new puppy. Parts will likely be unpredictable and other parts oddly familiar.


  • I really like the fact we are able to pop images and videos into posts. I think that will be tremendously helpful in so many cases.
  • I like the fact that it appears we will be able to reply via eMail. Could be useful. However, it doesn’t appear to be fully functional yet. I’ve seen some failures with undeliverable mail when I simply replied. I have seen from others that they are having issues too.


  • It seems quite silly to me that Adobe are allowing us to freely upload any 300 pixel image to use as our profile picture, yet the custom 48 pixel avatar apparently requires “approval” by the forum admins. I’m hoping this is a simple fix.
  • No sign yet that we may have a custom signature line.

I’m sure there will be more as we work through it all.

Happy Monday…


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