Bad jokes

What has Mozart been doing for the last 20 years? – Decomposing!

Yeah, that one was a real groaner. After one of those my wife normally looks at me and says: It’s a good thing I love you dear.

So what does that have to do with my beloved RoboHelp or Captivate? For a nickel, I’ll happily tell ya!

Oh snap, I’ll tell ya anyway.

As a RoboHelp author I’ve known for years that other authors may take my .CHM files and reenignE esreveR them back to editable source files. And to date, that’s never been an issue for me.

I’ve also known for years that there are nearly hundreds of similar applications that are able to suck in a Flash .SWF and spit back out an editable .FLA (the Flash source file).

What I fail to understand is what appears to be a reluctance on the part of the Adobe Captivate team to create a similar decompiler for Captivate. I cringe with every report of a user that was unaware of a bad practice with Captivate that ends up having to re-create hundreds of hours of lost work from scratch when they have a perfectly fine .SWF or .EXE of the project. Or perhaps one person was creating content and just up and left the company. No .CP files in sight but plenty of working .SWF and/or .EXE files. Twice today I’ve seen the need from different forum posts.

Therefore I have a proposal for anyone reading this little outpost floating in the cyberspace blogosphere. Please please please saturate the Adobe Wish Form and ask the developers for a Captivate decompiler. We really do need to get this on their radar. I know I’ve personally campaigned for it for years. But until they hear from enough other folks, it’s not likely to happen.

Click here to view the wish form where you may suggest it!


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