RoboHelp Stumper of the moment

Hello all

Here is a situation that has popped up more than once in the different support venues I participate in.

Please do feel free to offer comments with suggestions.

The Situation

Perhaps you have some text and an image that you wish to display in multiple topics.

As in the Example below:

feedback Note: The Hoozamafludge discussed in this topic is only offered by BigCo.

At this point you may be thinking the solution is quite simple.

Just define the table in a RoboHelp HTML Snippet. Insert the image and the text and insert the Snippet into the topics. Right?

One might think.

However, just as all bad infomercials advise: But wait, there’s more!

Cactus Fruit

Here is where things begin to get prickly. In the table, the term Hoozamafludge is likely to vary.

So how may we handle this situation easily?

feedback Note: The Hoozamafludge discussed in this topic is only offered by BigCo.

If you are like me, you might even think this is something simple to achieve.

Well duh! Just declare a Variable Mr. Smarty pants! Insert the Variable into the Snippet. Problem solved!

Not so fast there, mister!

The big ole wrinkle

Here is where things become extra prickly. The term that the Variable represents is topic specific. Perhaps you have 15 different topics and your goal is to update that common table with the variable.

Topic A refers to a Hoozamafludge. Topic B refers to a Floomdorm. Topic C calls it a Bingleflinger. And on it goes.

Tough call, huh? Beginning to sense the issue?

Possible options:

  • Multiple Snippets that are basically identical but each use a different variable.  That option doesn’t seem optimal, as it would  appear to defeat the purpose of the Snippet. If I decided to change the Snippet, I’d end up changing many different Snippets.
  • One could declare a JavaScript variable in each of the topics. Then insert a smidgeon of JavaScript in the Snippet that would use whatever text was present in the variable to perform a “Write in” of the text.

For extra credit…

See if you can think of a way to accomplish everything mentioned with the added feature of changing the Topic Title!

Now it’s your turn to offer suggestions via the comments. Go!


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