Practicing safe FAX on the Cheap

Hi all

This one is for anyone in the same shoes as I am. A few years back we decided to disconnect ourselves from the wired world of telephones and went strictly cellular. It was an odd time where my wife carried the cordless phone around for like a week. Reminded me of a monkey carrying it’s deceased child. But I digress.

I’m self employed and rely upon income from Training, Consulting, creating eBooks and whatever else I can do. From time to time I have to deal with sending FAXes. This would entail receiving something I needed to sign, printing it out, signing it and then driving somewhere that offers a FAXing service. I then had to pay a rather high fee per page to send the FAX. I’m thinking that will all the technology and connectivity at my fingertips there HAD to be an easier way, no? What about this Skype thing I’m using? I pay a small fee that allows me to use Skype to call land lines. Comes in really handy!

As it turns out, there is a small Skype add in called PamFAX that can be used for just this thing. And it’s super cheap too! (My kind of deal.) So if you are in similar shoes, you might find this useful.

  1. Basically you download the PamFAX and install it.
  2. PamFAX uses your Skype credentials to log in. Sweet!
  3. You then are able to FAX from Skype!

A gotcha to beware of

During my foray into this world I was alerted that a Skype upgrade was available. Being the good doo bee I am, I thought I’d install the upgrade. But when I did, PamFAX seemed to fail. Said something about the Skype Add Ins Manager wasn’t running. And sure enough, mine was disabled. I Googled and discovered many posts related to the add ins manager not working. So I uninstalled Skype and reverted back to the older version and it begain working.

Hopefully this will help someone out there!


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