Heidi Ho!

Welcome to my blog and thanks for visiting!

Presently I’m planning on posting workarounds, tips, tricks, musings and anything else that could be helpful or that just pops into my warped little cranium.

I decided to create this blog so as to provide a kind of “one stop shopping” for things related to RoboHelp and Captivate. The pastor of the church I attend is rather fond of saying “The currency of an infinite mind is ideas”. And my mind is always abuzz with one idea after another. I plan on tossing out all sorts of things and will sometimes be looking for comments to further discussion and expound on ideas.

The blog will also be an easy place for me to make announcements on new offerings I have made available. For example, this week I made a new RoboHelp eBook available on my GooberGuides site. This one covers RoboHelp Browse Sequences and Version 8 is included! Soon I’ll be making a curriculum for RoboHelp 7 available and the RoboHelp 8 curriculum will follow soon afterwards. These were originally intended to be used when I conduct RoboHelp HTML classes, but they are constructed so that you may also use them on your own to learn RoboHelp HTML with no help from me.

Again, thanks for stopping by and I hope you will become a regular visitor!


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